Case Study: AT&T Stadium


Hospitality: General Concessions, Premium Concessions, Clubs, Suites, Special Event Catering, Retail Merchandise, Stadium Tour Operations, and sponsorship


Some call AT&T Stadium the Eighth Wonder of the World.  Bringing to life the bold vision of Jones family, the stadium redefined the gold standard when it opened in 2009.  In its first five years, the stadium has demonstrated its versatility by hosting many marquee events including the Super Bowl, the NBA All Star Game, NCAA Final Four, championship boxing matches, Gold Cup soccer matches and headliner concerts in addition to the core NFL and NCAA football games.

Legends operation at AT&T Stadium matches the size, scale and versatility of the venue.  For Legends it is the equivalent of a NFL stadium, an Arena and a Convention Center all under one roof.  Every year, Legends provides hospitality and retail merchandise for more than 40 Stadium Wide Events and 500 Catered Special Events as well as hosting almost 1,000,000 Stadium Tour visitors.

Legends accomplishes this with a unique approach to operations including:

  • Our “made from scratch” philosophy is applied to all cooking including an NFL Stadium first on-site BBQ smokehouse and Pastry Kitchen preparing all desserts served in the stadium
  • Featured products and customer brands including Bent Buckle Barbecue and the Cowboyrita
  • An outbound Sales staff of 20, proactively driving Catered Events and Group Tours

This approach is coupled with the Legends Customer Service model to deliver a legendary experience.


  • Almost a 20% increase in Per Cap Revenue from Texas Stadium and the Highest Per Cap Revenue in the NFL
  • More than a 25% increase in overall Guest satisfaction with F&B from Texas Stadium and consistently high marks across all categories of the Guest Experience
  • Growth in Per Capital revenue each year while holding/growing Guest satisfaction levels
  • Establishment of a $12 million special event business
  • Industry leading $7 million Tour operation
  • Assisted team in evaluation of historic stadium naming rights deal

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