At Legends our people are at the heart of all that we do, fueling our passion for delivering remarkable results and experiences for our team members, partners and, guests. We know that an internal team that truly reflects and embodies the diverse representation of our society gives us a greater advantage to do what we do best – provide solutions for Legendary brands.

We are proud to celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key part of our culture and DNA at Legends with a focus on growing the best team of diverse talent and creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

In 2019, we launched our Diversity, Inclusion & Growth platform, governed by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, to help ensure that we continue to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a strategic priority across our organisation. The platform focuses on these core principles:

  • Create a culture of authenticity, transparency and belonging
  • Establish strategies that enables Legends to recruit and hire diverse talent who embody our values and represent a variety of backgrounds, identities, experiences, and perspectives
  • Educate our team on the value and importance of diversity and inclusion, by fostering sensitivity and awareness around challenges including unconscious bias and gender/racial equity
  • Provide growth opportunities that empower our people to own and grow their careers, while fostering respect and collaboration across the organisation, to deliver best-in-class results
  • Taking responsibility for creating a just and equitable future, empowering communities, and contributing to positive social change

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