Legends Global Sales

We get immersed in our partners’ brands and cultures.  This teamwork leads to unparalleled success.

“You cannot fully comprehend Legends true value until you hire them. You can’t see it on paper or in a presentation or even through a comprehensive sales manual.  They have a secret sauce – a successful blueprint that’s woven into their DNA. These guys are supremely confident, work really hard, are aggressive, and achieve results. The way they operate has permeated our organization and improved our own confidence and efficiency.  I wish I was there in person right now so that you could see my eyes when I make the following statement: We could not have gotten our stadium deal done without Legends, period.  Hiring Legends was the best decision we made for our new stadium. I’m telling you … just hire them and watch them do what they do best. They will surpass any revenue goals you think you might be able to hit on your own.”

Paraag Marathe
San Francisco 49ers

Continually Setting a Profitable Precedent

Our Legends Global Sales division offers best-in-class processes and infrastructure, built on a foundation of precise systems, training and culture. With more than $5 billion in sales and sponsorships worldwide, our structured approach delivers proven results in both revenue and service.

Through our proprietary processes, our Legends Global Sales team continually delivers champion-level performance.  We consistently achieve and continue to earn legendary success in sponsorship and sales for new, renovated and existing venues throughout the world.

Sales with Always-Precise Execution

During the last decade, there has been a seismic shift in the way Guests watch and experience events.

Guest expectations and desire for an enhanced experience that goes beyond the basic viewing of a game or concert have never been greater.

Connecting with the integral market sector is what Legends does the best in the industry.  Our sales methodology is based on unparalleled, unmatched industry experience and insights. Our precise and accurate signature systems have successfully driven more than billions in premium and individual sales at venues domestically and internationally.

Naming Rights and Sponsorships That Win

Delivering the biggest deals with the best brands to our partners, our Naming Rights and Sponsorship division works with our clients to creatively align business objectives with the proper assets to maximize revenue streams.

Our signature three-stage Evaluation, Valuation and Sales Execution process ensures that we build trusted and sustainable relationships between venues and sponsors – partnerships that ultimately create always- exciting, new-level Guest experiences to produce maximum value.

Acclaimed Tour Experiences

Legends is the industry leader in the stadium tour business.  Our multi-tiered, destination-creation process has produced results unmatched anywhere else in the United States.

The Legends VIP and self-guided tour operation at AT&T Stadium has become the most successful in the industry, developed on a strong foundation of sales, marketing and advertising initiatives that drive attendance.  Leveraging every distinctive and appealing feature of the stadium and venue, we design and create unique experiences to welcome Guests with signature energy and entertainment value – ultimately generating revenue beyond every game day.

Stellar Special Events Sales

We’re committed to a proactive sales approach that generates substantial group special event sales for our stadiums across the United States.

We also succeed because we always put a priority on understanding all of our clients’ needs and opportunities.

Providing a single point of contact as auxiliary support to your event planner to create and host special functions at your venue, we develop strategic plans that utilize stadiums’ premium spaces, along with assessing the complete and entire footprint of the venue to find opportunities for event revenue.

In the end, we deliver comprehensive strategic sales and marketing plans to establish a solid foundation for your special event business to excel and expand.

Training with Strategic Strength and Excellence

Most sales professionals today are concerned with a tactical approach to selling, yielding mediocre results and missed revenues.

We train our teams on a strategic level for ultimate success.  Strategically trained teams approach everything with a comprehensive view of clients and sales prospects, with the ability to see how they best collaborate for success.

Our Legends professionals are carefully immersed and educated on all facets of a client’s business for precise knowledge, understanding and delivery of solid results.  With this understanding, we win for clients by focusing on analysis of a prospect’s interests, identifying and qualifying the opportunity, and mapping a sales strategy and product mix that accurately aligns with the prospect’s mindset and that exceeds all expectations.