Enhancing the experiences that Guests love.

“Legends has combined an innovative and collaborative work ethic with a quality culinary experience which is delivered to our Guests on a daily basis.  They have quickly become an integral partner for us and have lived up to the expectations we envisioned when we selected them.”

John Carpino
President, Los Angeles Angels


Built from our award-winning operations at the most iconic venues in sports, our Hospitality division creates stellar partnerships, embodies a champion-level quality and provides an unparalleled excellence in service.  We strategically combine tradition with continual innovation – to provide an always-new level of excitement in the Guest Experience.

Our passion for performance excellence, creating the best and most innovative Guest Experiences matches the vision and shared values of our partners who play on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights.

Hospitality That Is Chef-Crafted for Success

With every event, we are innovating the global stadium hospitality experience for Guests.

We are acclaimed global hospitality artisans, creating culinary experiences for Guests that always exceed their expectations for flavor and refreshment.  With an ethos of relentless quality, our legendary service leadership and classically trained chef teams bring Guests the freshest, most delicious flavors every time. Remarkable delivery of quality at every occasion, whether we’re serving all-beef hot dogs or dry-aged tenderloin.

From concessions to intimate special events, a farm-to-table, hospitality artisan culture drives our careful service of amazing flavors to each and every Guest.   Well-rounded menu options are thoughtfully developed by our leading Chefs with innovation and reflection of the preferences of today’s Guests everywhere – featuring local and regional favorites, global cuisine, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as selections to serve special dietary needs.

Our tireless focus on partnership, quality, customer service and culinary innovation consistently earns Legends the highest per caps and Guest-Satisfaction scores in the industry.

Five-Star Premium & Restaurant

The consumer has a continual expectation for the best and getting the best fast in the high-energy event environment.

We understand the need to deliver a fine-dining level experience in a limited period of service time.

Our signature approaches for suites, clubs and restaurants feature à la carte offerings, interactive chef stations and expanded menus guided by a farm-to-table fine ingredient and recipe culture that generates the highest Guest satisfaction results. Each suite is carefully served with the culture of a fine dining destination, with quality being delivered with the closest attention to every Guest-Experience detail.  In the realm and spaces for club and restaurant, we design exclusive environments where Guests have the experience of an intimate social gathering, rather than being part of a large crowd. From an elegant front-of-house to the mastery of the fine kitchen, our expert management and carefully trained staff excel in every way to bring five-star experiences to Guests in client club and restaurant venue destinations.

Mastery for
Global Brands

We know retail.  We also know retail around the globe.

We believe in creating a unique shopping experience that values and always strengthens the relationship with your Guests.  We focus on developing stellar selections, with top-quality and ultimate customer value.

Our trusted vendors and partners allow us to preview, improve and design items, continually expanding merchandise lines and product assortments to accurately suit guests’ needs for every season and every event.

With a long list of retail accolades (including MLB Retailer of the Year), we’re honored to introduce you to our intelligent and innovative approach to merchandise for your brand for champion success.

Facility Design
Services For
Venue Excellence

Experts in venue maximization with stellar efficiency, our full-service facility design department ensures impeccable layout and execution at your venue.

Our acclaimed facility design associates specialize in:

  • Facility programming and space allocation
  • Development of food service equipment schematic drawings
  • Final construction documents
  • Utility specifications
  • IT infrastructure development
  • Construction management and project supervision
  • Portable cart and kiosk design
  • Infrastructure development

Champion-Level Customer Service

The award-winning Legends hospitality model puts your Guests first. We thrive and excel by creating a winning employee culture that is built on a foundation of the highest standards of exceptional customer service to Guests.  We fully understand that satisfied employees lead to ultra-satisfied Guests.  Through our ongoing employee training initiative, Legends University, we equip employees with full training to be the best professionals in a comprehensive proprietary training program for all employees.

The Legends signature culture-of-excellence approach to customer service delivery will dramatically improve per cap revenue and hospitality satisfaction after your first year of implementation.