UFC Case Study


UFC needed to re-vitalize their worldwide consumer product business, with the goal of driving incremental revenue across events, e-commerce, and popups. In 2017, Legends started the partnership as the ‘Official Global Event Retail Partner.’ Based on the success of events business, UFC and Legends continued their partnership to provide an omni-channel approach to holistically look at the business from a different perspective. In 2019, Legends extended the partnership as the official Global Ecommerce Retail Partner.


After partnering with UFC, Legends performed a full audit of UFC’s current practices, searching for opportunities to leverage the UFC brand and their assets for higher revenues.


Legends currently provides an omni-channel experience for fans worldwide utilizing a global ecommerce approach. Through this global partnership, Legends has been able to provide UFC fans a larger assortment of products, customization capabilities, and the ability to purchase products 24/7 worldwide. Legends and UFC continues to partner to drive incremental revenue for the overall merchandise business.