Case Study: Southern Methodist University


Premium and Individual Ticket Sales


Once rich with a loyal and passionate athletic following, SMU was finally poised to return to prominence with a move to the Big East Conference, newly renovated football and basketball facilities, and the hire of high profile coaches.


With SMU’s campus closely located to Cowboys Stadium, Legends had been a friend of the program for a while. After doing some consulting work in making pricing and package recommendations, Legends quickly decided that the best way to make a significant impact would be to hire a dedicated sales team trained The Legends Way to focus on SMU.


  • Experienced a growth of over 430% since hiring Legends on 5/1/12 compared to the entire 2011 season.
  • Generated over $1.5M in new business revenue
  • Sold over 4,312 new football season tickets
  • Sold over 5,000 group tickets

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