2016 Summer Olympic Games Case Study


The Olympic Organizing Committee needed an Exclusive Retail Partner for both the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who would be responsible for all merchandise operations during both sets of games.


After the Organizing Committee partnered with Legends as the Exclusive Retail Partner, the team got to work planning and executing retail operations at 34 venues, in addition to a 40,000 square foot Superstore on Copacabana Beach – Rio’s largest ever pop-up retail unit.


In addition to the Superstore, there was a 44,000 square foot Megastore on the Olympic Park, which was the biggest in Olympic history, surpassing London. Included in the merchandise experience was a Samsung VR theatre, VISA retail activation and 20-meter high, five-ton Coke interactive bottle. In total, over 3 million articles of licensed product were sold, as over 1,700 staff members were brought in to interact with guests and execute transactions. Operations also notched their highest recorded average transaction time and average transaction value, beating Glasgow and London and respectively.