Global Attractions is a holistic deployment of Legends’ 360-degree platform. Our research-driven sales and planning methodologies drive unrivaled guest experiences that give our clients an edge. We bring together some of the brightest experiential and attraction masterminds around the globe to ensure each brilliant idea is relevant and destined to dazzle, delight, and drive a steady stream of diverse visitors.

  • Custom narratives to guide the journey curated to deeply engage visitors
  • Bold and dramatic design pushes the physical envelope, inspires awe, and wonder
  • Re-imagined dining experiences delight local and global foodies alike
  • Leading-edge technology and innovation to drive interactivity to create fully-immersive experiences


Legends Global Attractions Tours Division is platformed on our strong foundation of concept development, project management, cutting-edge technology solutions, efficient operations, and sales and marketing prowess. Our self-guided and escorted VIP tour programs at major sports and entertainment venues and have led to industry highs in attendance. A Legends Tours program allows an owner to leverage their iconic gameday venues into year-round immersive, interactive engaging visitor experiences generating valuable new revenue streams.