Kirta Carroll


Kirta Carroll

Kirta Carroll is President of Global Merchandise leading the company’s expansive merchandise business, which supports globally recognized brands and events with a fully integrated vertical solution across brick-and-mortar stores, pop-ups, e-commerce, and in-venue experiences.

Her retail marketing and sales experience includes more than a decade as an executive at Footlocker in increasingly broader roles. Prior to joining Legends, Kirta most recently served as Vice President and Global General Merchandising Manager for the women’s division where she led the global footwear and apparel business across Foot Locker’s portfolio of brands. Before her product leadership role, she led marketing for women’s focused retail concepts at Foot Locker, including strategic positioning and brand development, social media and ecommerce strategies, in-store merchandising and visuals.

Kirta has a strong marketing background, having spent time working at marketing agencies across multiple industries as well as holding a position in public relations and marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue earlier in her career. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Kirta lives in Dallas, TX with her family.