Lori Tostado

Lori Tostado

Vice President, Global Tour & Travel Sales


Lori Tostado, Vice President of Global Tour & Travel Sales, represents the Legends Attractions portfolio to the groups sector and the travel trade industry. In this role, Lori is responsible for supporting overall revenue generation and sales strategies through various channels for the attractions portfolio. She works with clients globally to create meaningful and long-lasting partnerships for all Legends attraction’s properties. 

With 16 years of experience in domestic and international tour and travel sales, Lori has been able to sustain a versatile network of clients and partners that have spanned the course of her career. As the Business Development Director for the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, she was recognized as a community leader for her ability to connect local businesses to new consumer channels. She also implemented a robust sponsorship program where she worked alongside brands such as Skechers, StubHub Center, and Chevron. Lori’s time at Merlin Entertainments trained her to work with a variety of attractions and theme parks not only at her home base of Madame Tussauds Hollywood but across Merlin’s entire US and international network.

After graduating with a BA in English from Arizona State University, Lori moved back to her native Los Angeles where she lives in Redondo Beach. She is currently a member of  The League of Legendary Women, a prominent Legends resource group. Lori is based at the Legends’ West Coast office in Culver City, CA.