Chicago Bears Case Study


Historically, the Chicago Bears have achieved consistent growth in sponsorship revenue, leaning on the value of their Intellectual Property and demand for sponsorships.  However, in recent years, revenue has grown at a reduced rate.  Having not significantly adjusted the sponsorship rate card in 10 years, the Chicago Bears retained CSL to provide a Rate Card Analysis of sponsorship assets.  Prior to this analysis, the Bears set pricing based on internal comparisons, property insights and general industry knowledge.


During the course of this analysis, CSL conducted multiple discussions with the Bears and performed the following tasks:

  • Toured the Stadium to understand current Bears assets and potential options in the future.
  • Thoroughly reviewed all current and historical materials provided by Bears, such as rate card, how inventory is sold, sponsorship performance, TV viewership, website and social metrics and category exclusivities.
  • Performed a comparative analysis of other NFL teams, other professional leagues and the local market.
  • Analyzed the Bears top sponsorship assets to understand the value each asset represents to a corporate brand.
  • Determined the fair market value for sponsorship assets and provided a recommended investment for each individual asset.
  • Conducted a comparative analysis and impressions analysis on the Bears inventory.
  • Developed strategies regarding the packaging of individual assets.


Along with specific inventory outlined in the Engagement Letter, CSL analyzed the social media value and created a Social Media rate card.  CSL also outlined recommendations related to: reducing the quantity available for certain inventory elements, rates for Intellectual Property, category exclusivity, minimum thresholds for sponsorship, videoboard pricing and new stadium landmarks.  The report was presented to the executive team in early 2018.