Angie Weber

Vice President, Beverage

Angie Weber

Angie Weber joined Legends in the Spring of 2022 after having a longstanding relationship with the company as a vendor partner. She oversees all aspects of the beverage programs for Legends Hospitality’s various stadiums, sports arenas, amphitheaters, and global attractions.

Before joining Legends, Angie was on the beverage supplier side of the business for over 22 years. Angie started her career working in restaurants, bars, and hotels in the early 1990s, going on to help grow brands from startups like Skyy Spirits and Effen Vodka.  She most recently directed 70+ national accounts for the distinguished Monin Gourmet Flavorings.  She has a passion for anything that comes in a glass and the journey in which the ingredients take to get there.

After building a name for herself in spirits and beverage manufacturing and sales, she and her business partners at Cloghan Concepts opened Cowboy Star Restaurants and Butcher Shops in California and Colorado, which have become highly acclaimed, award-winning steakhouses.  

Angie has served as a Board member and Chair of the Government Affairs committee for the California Restaurant Association for several years. She is also on the Board of the San Diego Downtown Partnership where she focuses her efforts towards solutions for the homelessness crisis in her hometown.