Jeff Rosenthal

Executive Vice President, Hospitality

Jeff Rosenthal, Executive Vice President, Hospitality oversees operations for a number of sectors including Food Halls, Casinos and Affinity membership clubs, as well as  Supply Chain and  Facilities/Kitchen Design.  Rosenthal supports new business growth,  retention efforts and  strategic oversight  of innovation, frictionless experiences and process improvement.

A food service operations executive with over 20 years of experience working in sports and entertainment, fast-casual (co-creator of SpireWorks) fine dining, bars and hotels and  several celebrity chef driven NYC based restaurants.  Rosenthal possesses a unique background that balances executive leadership with  strong operational and sales foresight . Expertise in business planning, transformational leadership and employee engagement have guided him to lead many businesses to success.  Rosenthal drives revenue through strategic business analysis  consistently improving efficiency and profitability  with the effective use of data and analytics.