Live Nation Beverage Expansion Case Study



Live Nation wanted to revamp and reposition its menu offerings to drive revenues in time for its busy 2017 summer concert season. The goal was to continue per cap growth from the previous seasons, targeting an aggressive aggregate per cap increase across all Legends-operated Live Nation venues. The Global Planning Team set the wheels in motion to meet this ambitious goal within a short timeframe.


Using its proprietary analytical tools, Legends Global Planning measured the performance of each item on Live Nation menu within its respective category. By plotting each category’s items into a quadrant graph, they were able to quickly identify high and low menu performers, and from there determine which ones to eliminate and which ones to keep – and even expand upon.

The quadrant analysis revealed that too many craft beer options were being offered in many Live Nation locations. As craft beer was generally a low margin/low velocity menu item, Legends reduced the SKU count considerably in order to streamline choice and increase efficiency.

Further analysis also revealed that the alcohol category was shifting from beer towards liquor and wine. To ride the revenue tide of this favorable shift, Legends expanded its wine program at all venues to include wine kiosks where guests could more easily purchase wine by the glass or bottle. Also, liquor centric kiosks – such as Tito’s Vodka Lemonade stands – were expanded upon from the previous year.


By the end of the 2017 season, the average per cap increased across all Legends-operated Live Nation venues, and much of that per cap increase was driven by the liquor, packaged beer and wine category sales which all rose due to this analysis.

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