Prudential Center Case Study



After the fifth home game in the 2016 season, Legends noticed a slowdown at two of its Prudential Center stand locations. To increase line efficiency at these key locations— two of arena’s highest- revenue generating food stands – Legends Global Planning stepped in with an analytical breakdown.   


Although both locations showed a growth in per cap vs. the previous year, Legends Global Planning discovered that line efficiency metrics, including transaction per game, units per 1000, and transactions per person, were down considerably. Based on this, it was determined that the rise in per cap was due to the menu mix and pricing, but money was being left on the table because lines were not as efficient as they should be.

The solution lay in stanchions. During games 6-10, Legends tested different stanchion locations at both stands to determine the effectiveness in improving line efficiency. They worked like a charm.


During the five-game test:

  • Per caps at both stands grew 12.7% over the already substantial growth from the previous year.
  • All operational KPIs saw an increase during the five-game test,
  • KPI’s most related to line efficiency – number of transactions, units per 1000, and transactions per person – saw the most increases with 6.9%, 11.7%, and 10.5% growth, respectively.