BVB und Legends gehen langfristige Partnerschaft ein

Borussia Dortmund x Legends

Borussia Dortmund und Legends, ein globales Unternehmen für E-Commerce-Plattformen, geben ihre langfristige Partnerschaft bekannt. Die beiden Partner konzentrieren sich auf den Aufbau einer innovativen E-Commerce-Plattform, die den BVB-Fans ein verbessertes, erstklassiges globales Einkaufserlebnis bietet.

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit Legends ist ein wichtiger Meilenstein auf dem Weg, unseren Fans weltweit das bestmögliche E-Commerce-Erlebnis zu bieten. Die internationale Expertise von Legends in den Bereichen E-Commerce und Marketing sowie die Möglichkeit, internationale Fulfillment-Center zu nutzen, um die Lieferzeiten und -kosten für unsere Fans weltweit zu reduzieren, waren Schlüsselfaktoren für unsere Entscheidung, mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten“, sagt BVB-Geschäftsführer Carsten Cramer.

Die globale Merchandising-Abteilung von Legends wird eng mit den Merchandising-, IT- und E-Commerce-Teams des BVB zusammenarbeiten, um ein stärker integriertes und nahtloses internationales E-Commerce-Erlebnis mit neuen und umfassenderen Merchandising-Angeboten zu entwickeln, damit Fans auf der ganzen Welt offizielle Borussia-Dortmund-Produkte finden können. Das Team von Legends wird auch das Marketing des BVB unterstützen und sich auf ein nachhaltiges Wachstum des Online-Shops in den internationalen Märkten konzentrieren.

„Der BVB ist eine ikonische Marke mit einer der leidenschaftlichsten Fangemeinden im Fußball. Legends ist stolz darauf, Teil der unglaublichen schwarzgelben Familie zu werden, um das ultimative Online-Einkaufserlebnis für BVB-Fans auf der ganzen Welt bieten zu können“, erklärt Nick von Doetinchem, Geschäftsführer Zentraleuropa bei Legends.

Borussia Dortmund and Legends Enter Long-Term Partnership to Deliver a World-Class eCommerce Experience for BVB Fans

Borussia Dortmund x Legends

Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and Legends, a global premium experiences company, announced today a new, long-term partnership focused on building an innovative eCommerce platform offering an enhanced, best-in-class global shopping experience for BVB fans.

“Partnering with Legends represents a significant milestone in our journey to offer the best possible eCommerce experience to our Borussia Dortmund fans worldwide. Legends’ international expertise in eCommerce and Marketing coupled with the possibility of using an international fulfillment center to reduce shipping lead times and costs for fans worldwide were key factors in our decision to work with them,” said BVB Managing Director Carsten Cramer.

Legends’ global merchandise division will work closely with the BVB Merchandising, IT, and eCommerce teams to develop a more integrated, seamless international eCommerce experience with new and more comprehensive merchandise offerings for fans around the world to find their official Borussia Dortmund products. The team at Legends will also support BVB’s marketing focusing on sustainable growth in all international markets for the online shop.  

“BVB is an iconic brand with one of the most passionate fan bases in football. Legends is proud to become part of the incredible black and yellow family to help deliver the ultimate online shopping experience for BVB fans globally,” said Nick von Doetinchem, Managing Director of Central Europe, Legends

Legends’ fully integrated retail and merchandising vertical solution works with world-class clients around the globe across eCommerce, in-venue retail, large-scale live events, brick-and-mortar store operations, licensing, and customer merchandise. This includes vast experience developing and operating omnichannel retail experiences for some of the world’s largest sporting events and organizations, including 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, 2023 Rugby World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and FIFA Online Store, 2023 Ryder Cup, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Real Madrid.

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PRESS RELEASE: Big 12 Conference Announces Launch of “Basketball All-Access Pass”, an Exclusive Membership Program for Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championships

Big 12 x Legends

Today, the Big 12 Conference announced the launch of the Basketball All-Access Pass, a new membership program for fans at the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship. This membership – which includes a Premium and Priority option – will provide fans the opportunity to purchase the same seat location for the Basketball Championship each year through 2031. The All-Access Pass will only apply to 12% of venue seating, with the remainder being unchanged.

The program will debut for the 2025 Basketball Championship, the Conference’s first-ever 16-team tournament that will see Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah make their Championship debut. The All-Access Pass program is being executed in partnership with global premium experiences company Legends.

“We are thrilled to be the home of the best basketball in college athletics. As the Big 12 continues to grow, we are committed to elevating fan experience and access,” said Commissioner Yormark. “The Basketball All-Access Pass program provides our fans with a unique opportunity to purchase preferred seats for years to come, as well as exclusive benefits and second-to-none access throughout our Basketball Championships.”

In 2023, Legends began conducting a fan survey of 12,000 Big 12 basketball fans, collecting feedback on a variety of elements surrounding the Big 12 Basketball Championship, including ticketing, seating, and fan experience. A key takeaway was fans’ desire for more premium seating opportunities, serving as a driving factor in the creation of the All-Access Pass.

Membership will be offered in two tiers – Premium Membership and Priority Membership. Premium Membership will provide access to a floor seat or premium lower level seats each year for all sessions, as well as access to premium clubs. The Priority Membership will provide fans access to premium lower level seats for only the sessions their team is participating in, as well as loaded tickets for concessions.

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Revolutionizing the Student Experience in Engagement Centers

An Innovative Model for Recruitment, Retention, and Student Development  

In the dynamic landscape of higher education, the challenges of hiring and retaining talent are ever-present. Legends, however, has seen success in attracting, retaining, and developing student talent unlike anyone else in the space because our approach not only addresses retention rates and the time-consuming hiring process but also places a profound emphasis on the holistic development of students involved in Engagement Centers.  

How to build thriving student engagement teams

1. Streamlining Time to Hire

We recognize the urgency in building effective teams for student engagement centers. To combat the time constraints of traditional hiring processes, we approach it as follows: 

  • Efficient recruitment pipelines: Develop streamlined recruitment pipelines that leverage technology and timing to identify and attract suitable candidates swiftly. 
  • Targeted outreach: Proactively engage with potential candidates through targeted outreach programs, creating a talent pool ready for quick deployment. 
  • Turnkey onboarding: Implement flexible onboarding processes that prioritize the most essential training, allowing new team members to contribute meaningfully from day one.  

Employee referrals have proven to be a top 3 recruitment method for identifying talented candidates at Legends. We continue to prioritize our employee referral program due to its efficacy.

2. Increasing Retention Rates

Retaining talent in student engagement centers is a persistent challenge. We have worked to create an environment that fosters commitment and longevity through: 

  • Comprehensive training programs: Provide ongoing, comprehensive training that not only enhances job-related skills but also instills a sense of purpose and passion for the mission. 
  • Recognition and rewards: Implement a robust recognition and rewards system that acknowledges individual contributions, fostering a positive and motivating work culture.  

Small, goal-oriented incentives such as opportunities to win gift cards and bonuses for performance in areas such as volume of attempts or free meals for picking up additional hours are a simple way to align students with the mission while keeping them motivated and striving for better results by attaching incentives to things such as performance, showcasing leadership, white-glove treatment to constituents, etc. 

3. Emphasis on Student Development

Recognizing that students are not just employees but young professionals who are looking to develop themselves and their careers, Legends’ model places a strong emphasis on their holistic development: 

  • Skill enhancement opportunities: Offer opportunities for skill development beyond the scope of their current roles, encouraging a culture of continuous learning.  
  • Networking and exposure: Facilitate networking opportunities and exposure to various industries, careers, and opportunities. Showcasing the engagement center as not just a job, but a career beginning. 

Hosting a résumé-building and mock job interview workshop, opportunities to shadow other positions, or networking events with professionals across a variety of industries.

4. Embracing a Student-Driven Culture

Acknowledging the complexities of student life, including managing rigorous schedules and diverse priorities, as well as recognizing their unique workplace needs compared to traditional staff, Legends champions a culture led by students via: 

  • Empowerment and feedback loops: Encourage students to take ownership of their work and establish mechanisms for soliciting and acting upon student feedback. 
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Provide flexible work arrangements and schedules and be willing to adapt policies and preferences to better meet the evolving needs of student workers. 

Sending out engagement surveys each semester to gather direct feedback and establishing action plans based on the results or offering a wide range of scheduling possibilities including afternoon, evening, and weekend shifts, daily operations, and policy adaptations that fit student lifestyle (e.g., a casual dress code or flexible attendance policy). 

Legends’ commitment to a positive and innovative student experience within the engagement center represents a paradigm shift in how we and our partner universities approach recruitment, retention, and student development. By prioritizing efficiency, fostering a supportive culture, and recognizing the unique needs of student team members, the Legends’ model not only meets the challenges of the present but lays the groundwork for an impactful future. As universities navigate the complexities of engagement centers, alumni connectivity, and student employment, Legends welcomes the opportunity to partner and support student-led efforts in engagement strategies. 

Ready to build a dynamic & results-driven student team? Download our guide and discover how an engagement center can boost your institution’s outreach and relationship-building efforts. 

PRESS RELEASE: Legends Announces Record-Breaking Merchandise Sales for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Legends, a global premium experiences company, today announced record-breaking merchandise sales for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada. Overall merchandise sales surpassed the previous record at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco and were an 18% increase over Super Bowl LVII in Arizona. This includes merchandise revenue at Allegiant Stadium, Super Bowl Experience, hotels and pop-up locations throughout Las Vegas, and the NFL Las Vegas presented by Visa Store at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Legends was the NFL’s official retail merchandise concessionaire for Super Bowl LVIII.

NFL Shop presented by Visa at the Super Bowl Experience presented by Toyota, which was open Wednesday through Saturday this year, outperformed last year by 24% when compared to equivalent days. Super Bowl retail pop-up, hotel locations, and the NFL Las Vegas Store saw a 135% increase in merchandise sales over 2023 in Phoenix.

For the first time this Super Bowl, the NFL Shop at the Super Bowl Experience featured a first-of-its-kind self-checkout solution for fans. Half of the registers at the Shop were self-checkout, 20 out of 40, and fans chose self-checkout 46% of the time. The average transaction time was a speedy 49 seconds.

The merchandise per cap for Super Bowl LVIII game day sales at Allegiant Stadium saw a 2% increase over last year in Phoenix. There were 13 merchandise locations inside Allegiant Stadium and nine portable retail locations outside the stadium.

“Fans showed up ready to shop in Las Vegas, and our team was ready at locations around the city with an expanded assortment of merchandise offerings from more than 50 partners, including more lifestyle and women’s apparel, the exciting capsule collection co-designed by Usher and the NFL, and unique designs celebrating Las Vegas,” said Kirta Carroll, President, Legends Global Merchandise. “We also helped fans shop faster with self-checkout for the first time at the NFL Shop at Super Bowl Experience. Our team is incredibly proud to partner with the NFL to deliver a first-class experience for fans at Super Bowl looking to rep their favorite team or take home a memory from the big game.”

Legends had more than 500 employees in Las Vegas, leveraging resources from across the country, working to provide a first-class experience for fans across all Super Bowl merchandise operations. The NFL Shop at the Super Bowl Experience was open for four days from Wednesday, February 7 through Saturday, February 10 and covered 30,000 square feet. The store offered the largest collection of Super Bowl merchandise anywhere, with 500 styles available for fans of all ages, including offerings from more than 50 different licensees. In addition to the main NFL Shop, there was a pop-up location at Verizon Activation at the Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club on the Linq Promenade and 17 hotels carrying merchandise, all operated by Legends. 

Legends manages on-site retail at NFL tentpole events, including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl Games, NFL Draft and NFL Combine. In addition, Legends operates the NFL Las Vegas presented by Visa, an innovative NFL-themed store located in the renowned Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.